Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not being the type of folk who do things by half measure, last year we bred two of our mares. This might not sound like a big deal to some, but to us, being on the threshold of retirement, having two youngsters to deal with, is a somewhat major event. Usually, in the spring, we welcome a single addition to our small stable, but not this time.

So yesterday, at 10am, Charlotte (Mighty Awesome Miss) gave birth to Sooner, a stout little palomino filly who greeted her world with monumental spirit and appetite. She was six days early, hence her name. Of course, Charlotte being the typical protective mother wasn't interested in papparazzi getting their first snaps of her newborn, so she neatly positioned herself btween the baby and the cameras. However, perseverence will pay off and if you come back, next time there should be some pix for your viewing enjoyment. In the meantime, Sooner's sire is the good-looking guy up top: AQHA World Champion Stallion, Radical Revolution.

Top left is a photo of Charlotte with Sooner's half-sister, Lola (Mighty Zipn Awesome) taken in 2007. Lola's sire is World Champion Producer, Zip'n To Paradise. He's the guy on the left whose color is like the Milky Way.

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