Sunday, May 10, 2009

Although the day began cloudy with a strong breeze and the threat of more rain, the sun came out just after lunch, so we decided, even though the thermometer read only nine degrees, there would be no better time to introduce Bela to the outside world. She was willing to follow her mother, so it was easy peasy putting on a halter for the first time and directing her outside to the paddock across from the barn. 90 minutes of racing about and barging head first into the fence, and it was time to go back inside for a well-deserved snooze. Some initial grooming and mother and daughter were left to themselves, Bela nursing eagerly and Honey chowing down on second cut hay.
Honey is still protective but was willing to let us inside the stall to brush her baby and check there were no injuries from her headlong into the wire fence. Bela seems to welcome the attention so hopefully, she'll be as sweet-minded as her niece, Sooner.

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