Saturday, May 9, 2009

It was just after midnight on May 8, we heard through the intercom, Honey straining to have her baby. We gave her the time she needed then went out to the barn where we saw the newborn, still covered in mucus and afterbirth, her mother busy, licking her baby clean. It was a while before we could see whether it was a filly or a colt, but after about half an hour, the baby found its legs and I went into the stall and applied iodine to the umbilical cord. Honey is an amazing mother and more than protective when it comes to her offspring, so it was a matter of getting in and out quickly before Honey pushed you out. Turns out this very tall and robust baby was a filly, and so wonderfully made, we called her Bela. There was really no question that she was beautiful from the get-go. Dark bay with one white sock, a snowflake on her hip and a defining blaze from forehead to nose. It took her some time before she managed to latch on and begin nursing but once that happened and she had her first poop, we were able to go back to bed, confident she would be fine. It was 3:30 am.
Pic taken at 7hrs.

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